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There’s an old Irish adage that goes: “There are only two kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Kerry.” The words appear on a shiny plaque in my grandparent’s guest room. Whenever I see it, I am reminded of the rugged cliffs, salt-laden breeze, emerald fields and ancient, oak forests of southwestern Ireland.

Kerry is a place I’ve almost memorized by heart: like the beloved tune of one’s favourite song. I’ve travelled to the fertile coasts of Ireland multiple times throughout my both childhood and teenagehood, attaching nostalgic memories to it. …

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On August 20th, 2014, renowned atheist author and ethologist Richard Dawkins told a woman on Twitter she ought to hypothetically abort in the case her child happened to have Down Syndrome. More specifically, he told her it would be immoral for her to keep the baby. What followed was what Dawkins facetiously described as “a new feeding frenzy,” subsequently painting himself as the victim of unfair scrutiny.

Dawkins proceeded to blame the low Twitter character count for his distasteful advice, following up with a lengthy, half-hearted “apology” on his blog. …

Remembering my grandma three years after her death

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People say I have my grandmother’s eyes.

Hers were hazel, with a ring of gold circling her pupils. Mine are much the same. When they catch enough light, they appear moss-green — like the forest surrounding the place I grew up in. Other times, they look almost blue, like my mom’s.

Separated by seventy-something years and a decades-long smoking habit, the skin around Grandma’s eyes was like fragile, translucent tissue paper, whereas mine is still mostly unweathered, except for the dark circles that come from studying and reading late into the night.

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O n September 9th, 2021, the giant American television and radio network CBS announced the launch of a new reality series entitled The Activist, premiering on October 22nd.

According to CBS’s official website, the series will highlight the work of real-life advocates for various issues and pair them with celebrities while contestants compete for a chance to take part in the G20 Summit. Among the celebrities hosting the series are Usher, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Julianne Hough. Deadline further revealed contestants will be graded on criteria based on “online engagement, social metrics, and hosts’ input.” …

Shouldn’t affordable housing be a right and not a privilege?

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Whenever I take aimless walks through the different neighbourhoods scattered around my home city, I imagine living in the houses I pass along the way.

My favourite house was a charming bungalow with a small garden out front and climbing wisteria framing the pathway, the veranda snaking around the large bay windows. Another was a stately Victorian with spiring windows; harkening back to the typical homes in classic children’s Halloween movies.

If I’m in the mood to disappoint myself, I’ll search up the neighbourhood in question and browse current house…

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I used to be scared of dogs. I don’t know where exactly this slightly irrational fear came from, but I remember being absolutely terrified when I went over to a friend’s house, only to discover her family had a husky.

When my parents told my brother and I they wanted to adopt a dog, I was reluctant. Despite our family having adopted an abandoned German shepherd from the SPCA before I was born, as I grew older, I somehow became timid and unsure around the slobbering, though undeniably endearing animals. …

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Rose Kalemba was just fourteen when she was raped. She had been out for an evening walk in her Ohio hometown when a man appeared from the shadows, forcing her into his car at knifepoint before assaulting her. Her attacker — who was joined by another man — then showed her videos of the rapes of other women.

As an Indigenous American, Kalemba recognized her assault at the hands of white perpetrators as the product of racial violence and a distinct power imbalance. Many of the women in the videos she was shown by her abusers were also people of…

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I n 2017, Todd Herzog, a former contestant on the reality show Survivor, opened up about his traumatic experience with Dr. Phil. Herzog won Survivor in 2007, earning $1,000,000 in prize money at just 22. After his rise to fame, he began struggling with alcoholism — prompting a visit to the Dr. Phil Show in 2013.

In a highly disturbing video clip that remains on the official Dr. …

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A manda was looking for a church. After attending Sunday services with her tight-knit family every week, she had moved to a large city for college and discarded her faith. But when she had reached her early thirties — working as a high-powered attorney in a reputable law firm and being engaged to the love of her life — she still felt something was missing. An emptiness dwelled within her not even the sleekest apartment or most charming fiancé could fill.

Yearning for the comfort and peace she had once found in the refuge of her family’s church sanctuary, she…

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W hen I was braving a crippling, seemingly never-ending tsunami of anxiety, I could not believe I would ever get better.

It was my junior year of high school — a period of my life that feels like an eternity away and yet was very recent — when students were gearing up for university and scholarship applications. I was a conscientious student with promising plans on the horizon: to attend my dream school and become a teacher. I maintained a 4.0 …

Ilana Quinn

I am a history/English lit nerd, Irish-Canadian, Gen Z university student, amateur novelist & a Christian.

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